Renters Insurance in Washington State

High real estate prices and moving for jobs have increased the number of people renting their living quarters. Renters need protection against financial loss from unexpected damage, just as homeowners do. At MTC Insurance Agency Group in Kent and University Place, WA, we provide renters insurance to protect renters against loss from unexpected events.

What Does Renters Insurance Cover?

People who rent their living space often think they don't have a lot of possessions to justify getting insurance, but a catastrophic event could cost thousands of dollars to replace your goods. Renters' insurance covers items such as furniture, clothing, bedding, linens, electronics, kitchen equipment, appliances, musical instruments, and hobby equipment. However, renters’ insurance also covers liability if someone is injured while visiting you. It will even cover liability if your dog bites someone. If you cannot use your rental property because of damage from an incident, your renter's insurance will cover expenses for temporary housing.

Types of Renters Insurance

There are two types of renters insurance coverage. An actual cash value policy will reimburse you for the amount your items were valued at when they became damaged. A replacement cost policy will reimburse you at the level of what it costs to replace the damaged item at current prices. Actual cash value policies cost less than those that provide replacement costs. You might wish to consider which type would be best for your needs if you were to lose many of your possessions in an unexpected event.

Choose MTC Insurance Agency for Your Renters Insurance in Washington

You may have questions about renters’ insurance and whether it suits your needs. Our experienced agents can answer your questions so that you can make an informed decision about this important protection. Contact MTC Insurance Agency in Kent or University Place, WA today for a no-obligation quote on renters’ insurance to avoid unexpected financial loss while you rent.