Umbrella Insurance in Washington State

Umbrella insurance encompasses a broad range of coverage, with the policy designed to protect you beyond the existing limits of underlying policies. Due to this, residents within Washington can benefit from a diverse range of liability coverage from lawsuits, injuries, and property damage. If you are searching for umbrella protection within Washington, the following MTC Insurance Agency Group guide will be a smart place to start.

How Does Umbrella Insurance Protect You?

Injury Protection

Expenses from bodily injury can often be significant, with coverage such as auto, boat, and home often getting exhausted. If this happens, umbrella insurance will provide compensation for hospital bills. Instances that may give rise to these include motorboat accidents, auto accidents, pet bites, and trips and falls within the home.

Rental Unit Claims

If you have rental property and face negligent claims due to faulty structures, umbrella insurance will compensate you for the injury costs. If you are also sued for this, it will come in handy in helping you pay the legal fees and damages. Examples of instances that could result in this include pet bites from a tenant's dog and falls in external spaces of your rentals.

Property Damage Protection

If you damage other people's property, this policy will come in handy in helping you pay for the repair costs when other covers are limited. This may occur when you drive into other people's vehicles, when guests' property gets destroyed in your home or when you destroy fences and buildings during auto accidents. It covers the repair and replacement costs where needed.

General Claims

You may occasionally encounter claims such as slander and libel during your everyday activities, resulting in legal fees and significant damages awarded by the court. If this happens, umbrella insurance will provide compensation for these costs. Other claims covered by umbrella insurance include false arrest, mental anguish, and malicious prosecution.

Whether you need to protect yourself from unexpected claims or keep your assets secure, contact MTC Insurance Agency Group in University Place, WA for a policy suited to your needs.