Why You Need Condo Insurance

When you own a condo, it’s important to make sure it’s well protected. If you don’t have condo insurance, it’s time to get it. Virtually all condo boards require owners to have condo insurance, and lenders will require it as well. If you’re about to buy a condo, it’s time to set up your condo insurance so that it takes effect as soon as you buy it. When you need condo insurance, call us at MTC Insurance Agency Group in University Place, WA.

Protection for Your Belongings

There are different types of coverage that you get with condo insurance. One of these is protection for your belongings that are inside your condo. This coverage protects you against a wide range of events that can happen and destroy your things. The exact coverage will be spelled out by the policy, but it generally includes certain disasters, accidents, calamities, etc. When one of these happens and ruins your belongings, the policy can pay for you to replace those items and get back to your regular life. It’s never a good idea to go without this coverage with how expensive it would be to replace your things. 

Liability Protection

Another way that this insurance covers you is by covering you for liability. As the owner of your condo, you’re responsible for what happens there. If someone came to your home and was injured in an accident, you would be responsible for paying all of their medical bills. You may even have to pay for other expenses like lost wages. With condo insurance, those expenses are paid for you. It’s always a good idea to have this coverage. 

Get Your Condo Insurance Policy

When you need condo insurance for your home, call us at MTC Insurance Agency Group in University Place, WA to find out more.