What’s SR-22 Auto Insurance?

Often misunderstood as a type of insurance, SR-22 is, in fact, a certificate of financial responsibility mandated for certain drivers. If a court or the Washington State Department of Licensing has ordered you to obtain an SR-22, the University Place, WA-based MTC Insurance Agency Group is here to guide you through the process.

Unveiling the SR-22 Certificate

The SR-22 is a document filed by your insurance company to the state, certifying that you hold the bare minimum auto insurance coverage obligatory under Washington law. Frequently, states require SR-22 to either reinstate or maintain a driver’s license after one or more serious traffic offenses, such as a DUI conviction, reckless driving, or operating a vehicle without insurance.

It’s crucial to note that SR-22 isn’t insurance per se. It’s simply a certification appended to your existing auto insurance policy, which is commonly referred to as "SR-22 insurance."

Who Requires an SR-22?

Drivers who have committed severe traffic offenses may be required to file an SR-22 in University Place, WA. The mandate may arise from incidents like at-fault accidents without insurance coverage, repeated traffic offenses in quick succession, or a conviction for driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

The order to hold an SR-22 usually lasts for a specific period, typically three years. However, depending on the severity of the offense and the state’s determination, the duration could vary.

Assistance with SR-22 Requirements from MTC Insurance Agency Group

The MTC Insurance Agency Group team is committed to helping clients navigate the SR-22 process. Our agents assist with securing appropriate auto insurance, requesting the SR-22, and ensuring it’s filed correctly with the state. Reach out to us if you need an SR-22—we’re here to simplify the process for you.

Commercial Insurance – Protection Against Natural Disasters

Safeguarding Your Business with Commercial Insurance

Having a robust commercial insurance policy becomes paramount in protecting your business from the potential destruction caused by natural disasters. Ensuring adequate insurance coverage begins with evaluating your company’s risk profile and taking the necessary preventive measures.

Evaluating Structural Integrity

An aging or damaged building structure could weaken further during inclement weather conditions, opening your business to potential hazards. Proper insurance coverage helps absorb the financial shock associated with such unforeseen damages.

Analyzing Weather Patterns

Take into account typical weather patterns and historical weather events when deciding the extent of your insurance coverage. Previous extreme weather events might point towards a higher chance of recurrence in the future, signaling the need for increased insurance.

Boosting Security Measures

Before extending your policy, make efforts to bolster your commercial property’s security systems. Surveillance equipment can monitor your business remotely and added indoor and outdoor lighting can enhance safety. A well-maintained and secure property often positively influences insurance premiums.

Consultation with MTC Insurance Agency Group

Insurance is an intricate domain, and understanding its nuances can be daunting. Our agents at MTC Insurance Agency Group are happy to guide you through the complexities. Serving the University Place, WA, area, we aim to ensure you have the proper commercial insurance documents appropriate for your business needs.

Navigating Home Insurance: What to Know

When you live in University Place, WA, you already have most of what you could ask for – stunning views and a thriving community. Your home insurance should offer you peace of mind, too, and at MTC Insurance Agency Group, we can help you navigate the process to ensure you have a policy that you can rely on.

The Need for Personalized Home Insurance

Just as you personalize your home, your insurance coverage deserves the same level of care. You’ll want to consider such things as the value of the home, the value of your furniture and personal belongings, as well as any situation that would cause you to file a claim.

The more you take into consideration, the easier it is to build a policy that will take care of any situation that may arise. This way, if something happens, you can file a claim confidently knowing that it won’t bankrupt you.

Don’t worry, though – there’s no need to do this on your own. One of our experienced agents can work with you every step of the way.

Getting a Policy That Offers Real Protection

Every home insurance policy in University Place, WA will incorporate a few of the same things – coverage for the dwelling, liability, personal property coverage, and coverage for additional living expenses.

How you build your policy to cover everything that could and may happen is up to you – and getting guidance from an insurance agent ensures you get sufficient protection.

At MTC Insurance Agency Group, we’re here to get quotes from some of the top insurance companies that offer coverage in Washington. We’ll go over the details of the policy, talk to you about potential out-of-pocket costs when you file a claim, and ensure you get the best price on your insurance premiums.

Give us a call today to let us help you navigate home insurance for your home in University Place, WA,

How An Umbrella Policy Can Protect You

Being sued can ruin a person’s finances. Learn how an umbrella policy can protect you. Then, purchase an umbrella insurance product that is suited to your needs.

Umbrella Policy Protection

An umbrella insurance policy can be purchased by a homeowner or a business owner. The level of protection that this type of policy provides can be customized. An agent will assess your personal situation and advise you on how much coverage you will need.

The purpose of an umbrella insurance policy is to cover costs that a standard liability insurance policy does not cover. This type of coverage can be lifesaving, especially if a client has limited funds and cannot afford to be presented with a legal battle that will cost a lot of money.


MTC Insurance Agency Group in University Place, WA will show you various umbrella products that may be of interest to you. We will outline the manner in which each policy could benefit you.

You will also learn about what to do in case you need to file an insurance claim. Your consultation will provide you with the basic information that you need to help you choose the amount of coverage that you would like your new umbrella insurance policy to provide you with.

Call Today To Discuss Your Options

Now that you have reviewed some information about umbrella insurance policies, feel free to reach out to one of our agents. Contact us at MTC Insurance Agency Group serving the greater University Place, WA community.

What is covered by my condo insurance?

Living in a condo is a lot like living in an apartment, except that you have a property interest. There are multiple insurance policies protecting your University Place, WA dwelling. One is carried by the homeowners association, and the other is carried by individual unit owners. It is important to understand how important it is to carry condo insurance and what is actually covered under your policy. MTC Insurance Agency Group can help with that.

The HOA Insurance

Your homeowners’ association carries insurance on the common areas, such as hallways, playgrounds, or pools. Individual condominiums are either part of a complex or part of a building that holds separate units. The HOA insurance will protect the building itself and is usually paid for through HOA dues.

Your Condo Insurance

Your individual condo insurance protects everything within your walls from certain named events, such as fire, burglary, vandalism, or storms. This includes:

  • Your rugs, carpeting, and window treatments
  • All small and large appliances
  • Furniture
  • Electronics, such as TVs, phones stereos, and computers
  • Clothing
  • Miscellaneous items like books 

There are exceptions about what may be covered, and you may need extra protection for some items, such as expensive musical instruments, jewelry, and fine artwork.

Liability Insurance

As part of your condo insurance, you also have liability protection. That means that, for instance, if someone is injured while visiting you, your condo insurance protects you in case of a lawsuit. That includes legal assistance. If someone is injured in a common area, the HOA insurance should cover it.

Reach Out To Us

If you have any questions about University Place, WA condo insurance, or if you would like to find the policy that best suits your needs, please feel free to call MTC Insurance Agency Group today.

How Collision Coverage Works

When you get auto insurance, it will come with a number of different types of coverage. There are types of coverage that are required by the state, and then there are others that aren’t required but that are very much needed. Collision coverage is a type that isn’t required, but no driver should be without it. When you need auto insurance, call us at MTC Insurance Agency Group in University Place, WA to find out more and get started. 

Collision Coverage

When you use your liability coverage in your auto insurance policy, it pays for the damages that happen to the other people in the accident. It doesn’t cover your own damages. Bodily injury liability pays for the medical bills of the other parties. Property damage liability pays for the damage that was done to their vehicle, building, or other property. Both of these have to be in place in case you cause an accident. However, if you only have these overage types, the damage to your own vehicle won’t be covered if you cause an accident. That’s why there’s collision coverage. It pays for the damage to your vehicle so that you can get the repairs you need. 

Protect Yourself

If you don’t have this type of auto coverage, it could mean serious financial difficulties after an accident. When you’re judged to be at fault, you wouldn’t have any coverage to take care of those bills and would have to pay them all yourself. If your vehicle is totaled, you may not be able to replace the vehicle because of the cost. It’s always safer to have collision coverage just in case you’re the cause of an accident. 

Get Auto Coverage

For collision coverage and any other type of auto coverage, you can call us at MTC Insurance Agency Group in University Place, WA. 

Does your home business require commercial insurance?

Basing your business in your home is becoming more and more common. It allows you to start a business without having to invest in a building or a rental location. You may already have an office at home, and it can be converted to business use inexpensively. At MTC Insurance Agency Group in University Place, WA, we understand the risks that all small businesses face and those that are home-based need to have the right type of commercial insurance. 

Commercial Insurance Coverage Options

Commercial property insurance

When your home is the property where your business is located, you may assume that your home property insurance will protect you. That is not likely to be the case. Commercial property insurance also covers the things you use for business and home content insurance will not cover your business content. It is very important to protect your business assets, and it takes commercial property insurance to do that. 

Commercial liability insurance

If you are having customers or clients visit, you are your home you are taking a major risk. If they are injured, they may decide to sue you. If they do, your home insurance liability will not cover you. It doesn’t cover those visiting for business. You could also be sued by a client who is unhappy with the product or service you provided. You need commercial liability insurance to protect you. 

Commercial auto insurance

If you need to deliver products or use your personal vehicle for business purposes, it is necessary that you have commercial auto coverage since personal auto insurance does not protect you if your vehicle is being used for business. 

Consult With Us

Contact MTC Insurance Agency Group in University Place, WA when you need our help with your commercial insurance needs. We can recommend the kinds of coverage that best fit your business. 

Does Your Homeowners Policy Provide the Liability Protection You Need?

Homeowners in University Place, WA and the surrounding communities can turn to the MTC Insurance Agency Group for all of their insurance needs. We’re proud to serve our community and help families like yours protect their homes. Now is an ideal time to see if you have the liability protection you need.

Liability Coverage Protects Your Family’s Future

Many people think of liability insurance as something that business owners need. While this is true, liability protection is important to homeowners too. For example, if someone slips on your property and injures themselves, your liability coverage could cover any damages. The same is true of some mishaps that occur when you’re having work done on your property. 

Mistakes and accidents happen, and no one wants to have to disrupt their family’s future to cover damages that occur. Your liability protection will ensure that you’re protected should a covered event occur on your property. It’s always best to avoid lawsuits whenever possible, but in today’s litigious world, they often occur.

If you find yourself faced with a situation that might end up in a lawsuit, you’ll be glad to have the liability protection you need. Your local agent can help you review your current policy to ensure it has the coverage that you need. In the event that it doesn’t, they’ll review available options with you. 

Call or stop by today!

MTC Insurance Agency Group is here to provide the residents of University Place, WA with the guidance they need when it comes to choosing the right homeowners’ policies. If you’re not sure if you have the protection you and your family need, call or stop by to talk with one of our friendly local agents. We look forward to seeing you soon!

Protect Your Digital Assets from Theft with Cyber Insurance in Washington

Have you been wondering how to protect yourself and your digital assets from hacking or theft? If so, you’re among the millions of Americans who use cell phones, the internet, and internet-connected devices to transmit secure data that may be at risk of having their personal information breached.

The insurance pros at MTC Insurance Agency Group in University Place, WA can help you choose the best cyber insurance options to protect your online identity and digital assets from theft. 

Why You Need Cyber Insurance 

Since we’re all "always connected", having cyber insurance is one of the best ways to help shield and safeguard your personal and digital data from hacking or theft. 

Licensed insurance agents can explain the benefits of having cyber insurance as part of your risk management strategy.

  • Cyber Insurance Protections
  • Data Breaches 
  • Network Intrusions
  • Ransomware Attacks
  • Cybercrime

What is cybercrime and why do I need insurance to protect myself or my business against it?

Cybercrime refers to criminal activities that happen on the internet. These digital crimes are carried out using computer networks, technology, and internet-connected devices to target or impersonate businesses and individuals on the internet. 

What are digital assets?

Digital assets encompass all of your resources that exist in a digital or electronic format on the internet. Examples of common digital assets include the following:

Digital Media – Photos, videos, multimedia content

Intellectual Property – Copyrighted software, code, e-books, artworks, patents, and trademarks. 

Online Accounts– Email accounts, social media accounts, personal profiles, online banking accounts, cryptocurrency wallets, and digital cloud storage accounts. 

We Can Help!

When you’re ready to take the next step and safeguard your digital assets in University Place, WA, contact the cyber insurance experts at MTC Insurance Agency Group for a quote! 

Tips to keep your classic car running like new

Classic cars can bring a unique sense of style and nostalgia to your life, especially here in the University Place, WA area, but they need a little extra TLC to keep running like new. Here are our top 5 tips at MTC Insurance Agency Group to keep your classic car running smoothly.

Tips to keep your classic car running like new

1. Regular maintenance

Keeping up with regular oil changes and preventive maintenance is key for any car, especially older models. Stick to the manufacturer’s recommended service schedule to ensure your classic car remains in good condition. 

2. Pay attention to the engine

Make sure you check the engine coolant levels, inspect the hoses, belts, and spark plugs on a regular basis and get any necessary repairs done quickly before any major problems arise. 

3. Keep it clean

Regular cleaning will help preserve your car’s paint job and reduce corrosion from dirt build-up. Make sure you use the right cleaning products when washing your car so as not to damage its original finish. 

4. Invest in quality parts

It’s important that you invest in high-quality replacement parts if you ever need them for your classic car, as inferior parts can be more prone to wear and tear or even break down more quickly than top-tier components. 

5. Try garaging it

If possible, try parking your classic car in a garage or other covered area whenever possible, as this will help protect it from weathering agents such as rain and wind-borne debris which can do significant damage over time.  

Reach Out To Us

By following these simple tips, you’ll be able to keep your classic car running like new for many years! For more tips, call us at MTC Insurance Agency Group today. We are proud to serve the University Place, WA area.