How Collision Coverage Works

When you get auto insurance, it will come with a number of different types of coverage. There are types of coverage that are required by the state, and then there are others that aren’t required but that are very much needed. Collision coverage is a type that isn’t required, but no driver should be without it. When you need auto insurance, call us at MTC Insurance Agency Group in University Place, WA to find out more and get started. 

Collision Coverage

When you use your liability coverage in your auto insurance policy, it pays for the damages that happen to the other people in the accident. It doesn’t cover your own damages. Bodily injury liability pays for the medical bills of the other parties. Property damage liability pays for the damage that was done to their vehicle, building, or other property. Both of these have to be in place in case you cause an accident. However, if you only have these overage types, the damage to your own vehicle won’t be covered if you cause an accident. That’s why there’s collision coverage. It pays for the damage to your vehicle so that you can get the repairs you need. 

Protect Yourself

If you don’t have this type of auto coverage, it could mean serious financial difficulties after an accident. When you’re judged to be at fault, you wouldn’t have any coverage to take care of those bills and would have to pay them all yourself. If your vehicle is totaled, you may not be able to replace the vehicle because of the cost. It’s always safer to have collision coverage just in case you’re the cause of an accident. 

Get Auto Coverage

For collision coverage and any other type of auto coverage, you can call us at MTC Insurance Agency Group in University Place, WA. 

Why Should You Compare Quotes Before Selecting an Auto Insurance Policy?

Here at MTC Insurance Agency Group, providing residents in the greater University, WA area with insurance products, we want to help answer any questions you may have related to insurance. Getting answers to the questions you may have is one of the best ways to help you feel comfortable with the decisions you make in regard to insurance products.  

Why is it important to compare various quotes before selecting an auto insurance policy:

Quotes Help You to See The Different Types of Policies Available

One of the reasons why it is so important to compare quotes before selecting an auto insurance policy is because obtaining quotes helps you to see the different types of policies that are out there, including the different coverage levels and the different deductible choices that you have. Until you obtain a quote for auto insurance, you may not realize all of the choices and decisions you can make when it comes to auto insurance. 

Quotes Help You to See What a Fair Price Range Is For Auto Insurance Policies

The other reason why you should compare quotes before selecting an auto insurance policy is that quotes help you to see what a fair and reasonable price range is for the type of auto insurance you need. The cheapest policy is not always the best, but by comparing pricing, you can get an idea of what is fair and reasonable. 

Reach Out To Us

Auto insurance policies are not all the same, and there are many different policies with a variety of different limits available. Here at MTC Insurance Agency Group, serving the University, WA area, we are committed to helping you find the policy that is right for your needs. Reach out to us today and let’s work together to find you the policy you need.